Several years ago, I wanted to buy a Porsche for myself.  To get approval from "the boss" (my wife) I bought one with the intent to sell it and break even and or make a profit from it.  That grew into several purchases per year.  In the process, I learned how to properly screen out quality cars and how to properly market them.  I also discovered that I really enjoy the process.

To more easily facilitate these transactions, I acquired my dealers license in July of 2016.  

I am different from most car dealers in that I am a private individual. (I have a regular Fortune 500 career of over 20 years in Enterprise level software sales.)  So in my spare time, I provide a private car shopping experience.  A couple of unique things about Vehiclefocus:

1.  As a private individual, I have to make sure that all of my cars are in incredibly good condition....because ultimately, if I don't sell them they are mine.  This is why I require that all of my cars are in excellent condition, accident free, with a limited number of owners.  I look for "museum quality" cars that typically still even smell new.

2.  My cars are stored in an enclosed warehouse, and are only shown by appointment.  Because of this, I focus on extensive photography and videography of my cars.  Before you meet me, you will know exactly how great of a car it is!

3.  Buying a car from me is the ultimate low pressure experience.  I'm a very busy guy- so I prefer to work with buyers that really want cars from my collection.  I hardly have the time to schedule appointments- let alone time to bother anyone to buy anything.

4.  My customers and friends know that I'm a good guy.  I'll tell you the truth.  I'll bend over backwards to help you get a great value on a quality car and have a great experience through the process.